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Most evenings, I sit in my den with my kitty cat Tom. We like to order pizza and do some coloring for grown ups while we watch a show. He likes comedies while I prefer dramas, but we mix and match it up a bit to keep everybody happy. One then one then one then one. After I do a few coloring pagesmicrogaming casino coloring maze – on featuring a deer, and another two featuring birds of prey, I move onto some mazes. Tom is intently focussed on a Friends rerun, and has completely neglected his pizza with tuna AND anchovies. I pick a simple non decorative maze to do, and let my mind go free as it follows the twists and turns of the pattern, helping me relax into a meditative state and let go of all my stress and worries. Upon finishing the maze, I down another couple of pieces of pizza (my side is vegetarian) and go to the kitchen for a tall glass of ice-cold milk. Tom has finished his show and so we agree on a movie about cats to finish the night. This time, we pick the Aristocats and I pull out my laptop computer, happy to while away some time at the no deposit online casino games during the show. I do pretty well at the no deposit casino, as I like to play table casino games as Blackjack, Video Poker and Sic Bo. After the movie, I wrap up my last hand at the online casino, put away the food, and it’s time to head straight to bed. Each day is long, full of hard work, and offers a lot to look forward to… especially in the evenings!!!

About Online Casino Maze Artist

Retired truck driver that is now one of our lead writers for free to play and no deposit online casinos. These are real money casinos that allow people to start playing for REAL MONEY, but without depositing. He also seems to post allot of cat pictures and some of us are starting to worry. Aside from that you can expect many wonderful mazes to be shared here and also coloring for grown ups pages.
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